...Arthur White...works so hard to encourage, teach and challenge his students. All of that comes through in this recording, but a crucial element is never overshadowed: FUN! I can hear the joy in the music...”

— John Clayton, OPEN WINDOW liner notes, 8/14

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The Boulevard Big Band, in which I play tenor, is returning with a monthly concert at the Westport Coffeehouse Theatre in KC. This is a GREAT space to listen to concerts, and this is a killer band. Come see the band, featuring KC stalwarts like Todd Strait, Roger Wilder, Brad Gregory, Dave Chael, and others. We play every third Wednesday of each month starting January 17, 2018. Showtime TBA.

Also, I have some new 2018 dates up in SHOWS. Come see me with these great big bands, or with MERGE, soon!





I've got my calendar updated for the rest of the year, and it includes some rare gigs in Columbia. I don't play much in town, so it'll be fun to hang with my friends in Norm Ruebling's great rock and soul band with amazing musicians from the area. Also, check out the calendar for MERGE appearances. I've also added some new opportunities coming up in 2018. Can't wait to see you all there!




Hello, friends!

I've moved my website to Bandzoogle, and I love the features this site offers! I'll get a store up and running soon; you'll be able to purchase my big band charts here. Also, keep an eye out for my NEW CD! MERGE went to the studio recently, and the band played so great. I'm really excited to get this way overdue debut of mine to you, and share my music with you, my friends.





I would love to have you at my next show. Be sure to check the information below before hitting the road as dates, times and locations can change. See you there!

Arthur (White) inspires creativity and personal expression from his students, which are the hallmarks of jazz and jazz education.”

— Bobby Watson, May 2007

...greasy, stinky, and just how the music should be played.”

— Chris Murrell, former vocalist, Count Basie Orchestra